The classic dishes in Morocco

The classic dishes in Morocco

Morocco is known by Andalusian music, traditional dresses and above all for a long list of food with a lot of variety. So, we’re going to talk about the classic dishes in Morocco.

In Morocco, in restaurants and in houses, food is made in a special way and with a lot of feeling, because food is something essential and important.

Not only does the taste matter, but the presentation of the dishes is also very important, as well as different colors or decorations that go beyond the imagination.


The cuscus is the best known dish and every Friday can be found in any house in Morocco. It is a dish that is made to eat with family and takes advantage on Friday that is the day when all the members of the families are visited among them.


The tajin is also quite well-known in the country and it cooks enough. In restaurants it is very common to find it as an essential dish in the menus. This dish can be done in different ways depending on the location of the cities. The most typical is the tajin with meat or chicken, but in the north of Morocco is also made with fish; both of them are very good and with an incredibly delicious taste.


It is the most beautiful dish to watch and one of the most delicious. It has a mix of sweet and salty flavor that hits the palate and gives a very nice feeling. The pastila can be of chicken or noodle with fish, besides pieces of almonds and glazed sugar. It is a must-have dish recommended to anyone.


This is the most popular dish in Morocco, it is simple and can be allowed by anyone because it does not have many ingredients, only beans are needed. But its simplicity has nothing to do with its taste because it is a delicious meal.

The restaurants where Bissara is made mostly are in modest neighborhood restaurants and at a very affordable price that does not exceed the equivalent of 1€.


Harira is a soup made with a variety of ingredients such as noodles, coriander, legumes, spices and veal or meat. Moroccan people consumed it in greater proportion during the month of fasting, Ramadan, because of its caloric intake and accompanied by dates. Is a special one of the list of the classic dishes in Morocco.

To close the menu with something sweet, you must know that in Morocco are very typical sweet desserts made of almond, peanut, dates and other ingredients and always accompanied by a very hot green tea. Whenever you go to a Moroccan house, it will be the first thing you will taste presented as hospitality.

There are many more dishes and very delicious also but we have given you information about the classic dishes in Morocco.

Tell us if you have already eaten one of these dishes and if you would like to visit morocco and try the food.

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