Discover 9 Shocking Differences Between British and Spaniards

Discover 9 Shocking Differences Between British and Spaniards

England is a fabulous country, one of the most beautiful in the world. In England, we have beautiful countryside, stunning medieval cities and a top capital, but for the foreigners, we have some odd norms and customs. When we visit other countries, like Spain, we have the idea that everyone is so wrong, they make fun of our way to wear socks with sandals and how we got so red when we sunbathing. But the truth is that all our norms and our customs make them feel awkward when they visit our fabulous nation.

For example, Spain is a top destination for travellers, reason why Spaniards see tourists as an everyday routine. However, when they travel abroad, it’s more than likely that the Spaniards are a victim of their ignorance and end up acting as a true “guiri” in their destination. Anyways let’s analyse our everyday routine and let’s see how different our life is compared to the everyday routine of our neighbours. Do you want to which are the main differences between British and Spaniards? Check them out.

Differences between British and Spaniards

Greetings instead of kisses: 

Although in Spain it’s typical to give two kisses when introducing a person, in England the practice is to give exclusively the hand. Kissing a subject of his gracious majesty when you have just met can have consequences from the need to apologise repeatedly or you can get a slap.


British are famous for its extreme punctuality. Indeed this is not a “topic” this is a fact. The slightest delay when arriving at an appointment is considered a real lack of respect. It is best to arrive early to avoid the person leaving. As William Shakespeare used to says “Better 3 hours too soon than a minute too late”.


In the UK, carpets are everywhere, from living rooms and bedrooms to bathrooms. Spanish consider unclean the carpets, but they forgot that we normally don’t walk around our place with shoes, we mostly use slippers.

TV License

Anyone who owns a television set has to pay an annual fee to finance the BBC’s expenses. This tax applies to everyone who resides in the country. In case you don’t pay the tax you will receive a fine that can easily reach 1000 pounds. This is probably the most shocking of the Differences between British and Spaniards, as Spanish people is not used at all to this practice, Spanish TV is for free.

Respect the queues:

The English queue for almost everything and also always respect the turn. The person attempting to skip a queue will be reprimanded by the rest of the individuals waiting their turn and forced to place themselves at the end of it.


This practice, widely used in most supermarkets, is to pay with a debit card an amount higher than the purchase made and receive in cash the difference. This is a very convenient way get some cash without visiting an ATM.

Tea at all Times

Another of the most widespread topics about Britons. In fact, in many houses there is always a kettle with boiling water, ready to prepare an instant tea. Accepting a cup of this drink is practically equivalent to earning the sympathy of the person inviting.

Education First

British are famous for constantly repeating the words “please”, “thank-you” and “I beg your pardon”. It is not something we say because we really mean it, but we do it automatically, it’s a habit. Therefore, not responding, in the same way, is considered a great discourtesy.

The names of the streets

The system to denominate the streets of London is absolutely chaotic. There are some streets that have been renamed several times in a single section. In addition, the British capital has many different streets that have exactly the same name. This fact confuses the orientation of foreigners.

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