The favourite cities for British in the United Kingdom

The favourite cities for British in the United Kingdom

Bath, York, Edinburgh… are some of the cities that British have named as the best cities in their country in a poll conducted by The Telegraph newspaper. When it comes to travelling, it’s always better to follow the advice of locals, as they will tell you which are the best areas to explore and the best valuable restaurants to eat. Forget maps, guides or an expert recommendation, the best is to follow the local wisdom and learn from locals. They are the ones who can make your stay an authentic experience. So, if you want to explore England, check out the favourite cities for British in the United Kingdom. The Telegraph has polled its readers by asking which are the favourite cities for British in the UK. On today’s post, we have selected some of favourite cities for British, check them out.

The favourite cities for British in the United Kingdom



This fabulous city is home to numerous attractions like the beautiful cathedral, cobbled streets, a large medieval centre and the fist pedestrian street in England, London Street. Furthermore, the city is home to the famous Colman’s mustard shop & Museum.


Few cities in the world can compete with York in history and character. This picturesque city by the river, surrounded by a ribbon of old walls, is a fascinating destination thanks to its more than 2,000 years of history.


According to readers of Telegraph, Edinburgh is the best city in the United Kingdom. Why? Thanks to its history. Edinburgh is a special city, lined with cobbled alleys, beautiful gardens, interesting museums and scenarios of many terrible stories of the middle Ages. The historic ‘Auld Reekie’ or ‘Old Chimney’, as locals affectionately nicknamed the city for the large chimneys that crowned the roofs of its buildings. Certainly, Edinburgh is the perfect city to discover culture and history of Scotland.

St Davids

St. Davids is one of the smallest cities in the UK. Named after the patron saint of Wales, it is well known for its historical ecclesiastical ties. The cathedral is one of the most visited assets in the city. It is also an ideal city for cycling.


London is one of the most famous capitals in the world. Cosmopolitan, vibrant and huge, the capital of England always ranks on the top of the lists of the favourite cities for travellers. London stands thanks to its delicious culinary options, pubs, as well as its theatres and the wide range of leisure options. In every corner of the city, you will find fabulous places for exploring.


This city, south-west of England, was founded as a thermal complex by the Romans in 43 AD. The Romans also built a temple in the adjacent hills in the valley of the river Avon, around the thermal spring. In this city was the novelist Jane Austen and, in addition, one can enjoy history, gastronomy and culture in one of its innumerable museums.

This is the list with some of the favourite cities for British. Did you like it? Have you ever been to any of these cities? Comment.

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