6 mysterious places in the world that you wouldn’t want to visit

6 mysterious places in the world that you wouldn’t want to visit

Mysterious places are always full of legends and dark stories that make them fearful, usually for reasons we cannot even explain. That’s why on this post we want to enumerate those mysterious places in the world that catch our attention but maybe you won’t want to spend your holidays in there, would you?

6 mysterious places in the world

The Superstition Mountains

Lovely name, don’t you think? In the nineteenth century, Jacob Waltz discovered, in this place located in Arizona, a gold mine but he didn’t reveal its location to anyone. He only passed his secret to a person. The mine was never found and it is said that the place is inhabited by the souls of those who sought the place without success. The Apaches believe that this mountain is the door to the hell.

Angikuni Lake

Angikuni Lake is not only famous for numerous disappearances but also thanks to a famous legend. According to the legend, in a winter night of 1930, Joe Labelle went to a lovely village at the shores of the lake, in Nunavut, Canada. When he arrive at the village, he didn’t see anything not a single person or animal in the village.

He thought that maybe they all decided to move to another area, but when he checked each room and house he found food supplies and provisions. Also, the kayaks were in the place outside the houses and no footprints on the snow to give clues where they are. He reported the case to the authorities. All they could find were empty tombs and strange lights on the lake. Some people from the area believe that they were taken by aliens, ghosts or even vampires.

Sea of the Devil

The Devil’s Sea is the equivalent of the Pacific to the Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic. The Devil’s Sea is close to the Japanese coast and is a reason for disappearances, magnetic anomalies and strange lights. One of the numerous theories is that very strong volcanic activity and boats are trapped by eruptions. We will never know if this is really a door or a parallel universe.

Bigelow Ranch

Since the 1950s, Bigelow Ranch has been the site of strange activities, UFO sightings and animal mutilations. The rarest things have happened since 1994 when Terry and Gwen Sherman bought the place. As all its animals died and they weren’t comfortable there, they decided to sell the place to Robert Bigelow. Robert deiced to study the strange phenomenon.

Point Pleasant

This North American site is terrified by a creature called Mothman, seen by at least a hundred people of the town. His huge wings and red eyes catch the attraction of all who see him. Their apparitions ceased in 1967 when the bridge collapsed, which led to the belief that both events are connected.

Loch Ness

6 mysterious places in the world that you wouldn’t want to visit

Loch Ness is obviously known for its most famous creature, the Loch Ness Monster. This prehistoric creature furrows the lake and has been seen by several people. It is speculated that it could be a relative of the dinosaurs, because of its long neck and reptilian appearance.

Here our list of the 6 mysterious places in the world that you wouldn’t want to visit, would you? Are you one of those who loves to explore mysterious places? Tell us other places you would like to include on this list.

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