The Roman past of Morocco

Morocco is a very wide territory with a diversity of traditions and a history that transcends from the footprint left by the Romans to the present Muslim culture. So we crossed the borders to show you a part of this history, the Roman past of Morocco  concentrated mostly in Volubilis, remains of a Roman city,

Travel Health Insurance

Travel Medical Insurance also known as Overseas Medical Insurance can include your Medical costs, Personal Accident, Trip interruption, Loss of Passport and many more risks while you travel abroad. We provide a appropriate way to identify Travel Insurance strategies offered by leading Indian Insurance companies. You can choose the better insurance product but also save


Tourism is travel for diversion, leisure or business task. The World Tourism Organization explains tourists as people who travel to and stay in destination outside their common atmosphere for more than twenty-four hours and not more than one sequential year for leisure, business and other tasks not linked to the practice of an action compensate