The Roman past of Morocco

The Roman past of Morocco

Morocco is a very wide territory with a diversity of traditions and a history that transcends from the footprint left by the Romans to the present Muslim culture. So we crossed the borders to show you a part of this history, the Roman past of Morocco  concentrated mostly in Volubilis, remains of a Roman city, located a few kilometers from Meknes.

A bit of history

Its origin goes back 2000 years ago where the Romans founded it as a city of the most important in Africa where was a high noun of citizens. An earthquake in Volubilis causes the evacuation of the city in the 18th century and the government moved a lot of marble to construct the palace of Meknes. In 1997 UNESCO recognized Volubilis as a World Heritage Site.

Inside of the remains: The roman past of Morocco

There are many things that you can see during the tour of the ruins of the city. On arrival to Volubilis you can preceive an impressive columns and arches totally intact.

When you go into the city you can see floors drawn with mosaics very well preserved that the passage of time has not been able to erase, something surprising. Following the walk, everything is history and everything is still in its old place. You can see some objects like old olive presses, mechanisms of an old well, houses almost complete and there are a long list of things you can not miss.  Also there are public buildings like a basilica that is perfectly preserved.

Apart from all this, its location offers you a unique and charming landscape. In fact, from the remains of Volubilis you can see the town of Moulay Idriss, very special views. The tranquility, the silence and the nature that surrounds the place help to take advantage of the stay and to walk through the ruins without noise of cars or pollution.

Something very nice that you can see in Volubilis is that the storks put their nests in the columns for many years, this explains the relaxation and comfort provided by the place.

As curiosity, an archaeologists excavated part of the place assure that much remains to be seen under what was once a populated city, Volubilis. Maybe someday we can see it.

We explained you the Roman past of Morocco, now is the moment for you to visit it and if you have visited it before, then talk us about your experience.

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