What to see in Tetuan: The beauty of the north of Morocco

What to see in Tetuan: The beauty of the north of Morocco

Travelling is always beautiful… And is more beautiful to do it from north to south

Tetuan is a little city what-to-see-in-tetuanin the north of Morocco overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Tetuan is widely known for being a clean and organize city as well as a city with strong “Andalusian” traditions (Andalusian and Arabic ancient culture). If you want to know more about this special city, we urge you to check out the following recommendations about what to see in Tetuan. In Tetuan you can observe the old wall with its 8 magnificent entrances that give you access to the Medina (Old town) where is the souk (traditional market) and in which people buy and sale everything: Spices, nuts, fruits, vegetables, traditional clothing, jewelry, handicrafts, souvenirs, etc.

Also you can walk in the narrow streets surrounded by old and traditional houses built in the “Andalusian” style. In Tetuan you can soak up at the sun at any of its numerous beaches, such as: Martil, Tamouda Bay, Cabo Negro, Marina Smir, Kabila, Tres Piedras, AL-Amin, Amsa, Tamrabet and tamernout.


What to see in Tetuan

The Medina




Each of the eight entries that gave protection to the Medina has a name that explains its situation. Within them you can see a complete and peculiar town where there is the modern neighborhood, the Berber Souk, the handicraft district or the Jewish Quarter, as well as the King’s Palace, located in the heart of the Medina.

You can walk in the streets of the souk, where you will find a high variety of stores that sale different thing according to the area of its location: jewelry, traditional clothing, old books, handicrafts, souvenirs, food, etc.

In the modern neighborhood of Tetuan you can see wide streets built during the Spanish protectorate, where there are buildings preserved from those ages such as: The church of Nuestra Señora de las Victorias, the Spanish Theatre, the Avenida’s Cinema, the Jacinto Benavente School, the Military Hospital, etc. In the same street you can see the monument for which the city is famous: The Paloma Blanca (White Pigeon).


You can also enjoy the cafeterias and restaurants that offer typical food like Couscous, pastila and tajin, as well as the cake shops that sale the best variety of sweets and desserts. Thanks to the beauty of Tetuan, the king of Morocco celebrates the throne anniversary every 30th of July.

Tetuan beaches


We have explained you what to see in Tetuan, but this town also offer stunning beaches with crystal clear waters. The most popular is the beach of Martil, only few miles away from downtown and famous for its beautiful seafront. This beach also counts with a vast array of hotels and restaurants. Martil is the beach that more people attract due to its beauty.

You can also visit the paradisaical beaches of Cabo Negro and Kabila. Both with white sand and crystal clear waters as well as a modern and luxurious atmosphere. This area is famous for offer a large array of hotels and high quality restaurants. In the frontier with Ceuta you will find the wonderful beach of Tres Piedras with coarse and golden sand.  It’s a beautiful spot that even the people that live in Ceuta visit it and enjoy it regularly. If you want to relax in a isolated beach, you can visit Al-Amin or Marina Smir, both of them offer soft sands and shallow waters.


Do you like beaches surrounded by fishing villages and a traditional ambience? If so, The best recommendation for you are the beaches of Amsa, Tamrabet and Tamernout. On this beaches you can enjoy a lot. All are considered the best in the coast and offer the best fresh fish. You also can go to little shops to buy anything you need.

Have you ever been to Tetuan?  Would you like to go? We hope that our advises about what to see in Tetuan have captivated you. If you know it and you want to add more things, ¡Comment!

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