Where to eat in Vermont: 5 Mouth-watering options.

Where to eat in Vermont: 5 Mouth-watering options.

Mostly associated with maple syrup and green terrain, Vermont is a beautiful state that features a totally different atmosphere than any other areas of the USA. Vermont offers idyllic scenes that range from dazzling blue skies, dotted with red maple trees, scenarios that are hard to beat. On the other hand, you can also visit bustling cities like Burlington and discover Vermont through its delicious culinary options that range from casual eats like “farm to table” to fine dining experiences.

The idyllic city of Burlington is home to a thriving and delicious food scene. The cheeses of Vermont, its beers and delicious wines all together with the legendary hospitality of the city will ensure you a fabulous experience when eating in this state. Where to eat in Vermont? Is an easy question, as most of its restaurants offer delicious dishes, nevertheless on this post we have select those options that we found simply irresistible. Are you ready to discover our selection? Check out our post regarding the best options Where to eat in Vermont!

Where to eat in Vermont

Leunig’s Bistro Lounge, Burlington.

This “Bistro” is one of the oldest restaurants that continue operating in the Downtown of Burlington. Leunig boasts a fabulous style, resembles one of those cafes by the Arc de Triumph in Paris.  The restaurant offers delicious seasonal menus, with fresh and local ingredients. Furthermore, the upstairs lounge offers the perfect atmosphere for a delicious after-work cocktail.

Henry’s Diner, Burlington.

This family owned restaurants, serves classic food with fresh ingredients. The restaurant has a fresh atmosphere and a cosy interior. The culinary offer is varied but is focused on American food. Our suggestion is to grab the Spanish or the Greek Omelet or try the Vermonter skillets. Another feature to highlight from Henry’s Diner is that they serve breakfast the whole day, so if for some reason you crave pancakes, waffles or eggs Benedict you can approach to Henry’s diner and try any of these delicious options.

The Common Man Restaurant, Warren.

This restaurant boasts an idyllic location in the heart of the Mad River valley. Emplaced in an IXX century farm, the Common Man Restaurant has a simple and elegant interior. Since 1960, when the restaurant opens its door, the Common Man has been one of the most popular restaurants not only for locals but also for visitors that are looking for delicious and quality dining experiences in Vermont. If you are enjoying a road trip across this lovely state, you must include the Common Man Restaurant in your list. The culinary option focuses on contemporary American cuisine. The menus change with the season and always prepared with fresh and local ingredients.

Hen of the Wood, Waterbury.

It’s said that if you come to Vermont, you must enjoy a meal in the Hen of the wood. This 40-seat restaurant located in an old mill is a fabulous location to enjoy the typical meals from this state. The restaurant is very popular amongst locals thanks to its simplicity. The daily menu is mainly based on local ingredients found only a few miles from the restaurant; some of those ingredients come directly from Champlain Valley to your table.

Ben & Jerry’s

Where to eat in Vermont: 5 Mouth-watering options

Undoubtedly, the most popular attraction in Vermont is the factory of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. Where to eat in Vermont it also means to enjoy a delicious dessert like an ice cream. A visit to Ben & Jerry is a fabulous opportunity to try delicious ice creams, sundaes, smoothies and cakes.  Furthermore, if you are visiting Vermont with your kids, the 30 minutes tour of the factory of Ben & Jerry’s will be the perfect activity for them. We cannot think a better way to finish this post regarding the best places where to eat in Vermont than with a sweet note.

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